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We realize that there are a lot of options out there for learning digital photography. So, how are we different?

You learn on your own schedule.

We get it - you're busy. You'd love to learn more about photography, but it's hard to commit to a specific time and place each week to do it. At Flying Photo School, you log into your online classroom when it's good for you. Do you have free time in the evenings? During the day? Maybe you're available on weekends. It doesn't matter when you're free - the class will be there waiting for you.

You have someone on your team.

Maybe you've tried to figure out your camera before. You've read the manual, looked up stuff online, and fiddled around with every button you could while shooting. But something was missing - there was no one in your corner, ready to answer all the little questions you had about why this button did this or when to use that setting for that. 

At Flying Photo School, we want to end that frustration. When you register for a course, you're really registering for someone that will come alongside you and answer whatever questions you might have. No matter how big or small - your instructor is ready and eager to help. You send an email - your instructor sends an answer. 

We really, truly, genuinely love digital photography.

The instructors at Flying Photo School live and breathe digital photography. We can't get enough of it, and we wake up excited each day to share more of that passion with you. We put that passion into every single video, worksheet, quiz and assignment. 

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